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Water Balloon Candles

Fill a balloon with water to the desired size.  Dip the balloon in wax, make sure it is somewhat cool.  Continue dipping the balloon until a hard shell has formed around it.  Carefully pop the balloon at the top, and empty out the water.  Pull the balloon out of the wax shell.  Pour a small amount of wax (a different colour from the first) into the shell.  Roll it around in the shell, making sure all areas are covered, until the wax is dry.  Continue doing this with different colours until the shell is almost filled.  Insert the wick during the last fill.  Once the candle is cool, use a potato peeler or something similar to shave the top of the candle, making it smooth and flat.
These candles turn out to look something like a geode.  They are a little time consuming, but the end result is fantastic!!

Hope my suggestion comes in handy!!
Michelle from Indiana

(Thanks Michelle for a great idea!)

Fruit Candles

Fruit Candles   Fruit candles are easy.  Fill a jar with water and your favourite colourful fruit slices.  Put a floater candle on top, and enjoy!

  Ways to Attach Fruit, Herbs, Flowers Leaves, and Spices

Leaf/Berry Candles   Stick pressed flowers or leaves to the outside of a finished candle by dipping the flower in uncoloured melted wax and pressing it gently to the surface of the candle. Then take the candle by the wick and dip the whole thing into the melted wax once or twice to form a seal over the flowers, but still let them show through the glow of the burning candle.  The most lightly coloured or non coloured wax works best with this decorating idea. The flowers can be seen better.
Ground cinnamon or other aromatic spices added to the melted wax are nice. They tend to settle to the bottom of your candle a bit , but this looks nice. Glitter and confetti can  be used also.

Cinnamon Stick Candle

Stick whole cinnamon sticks vertically around the outside surface of your candle by painting one side of the stick with melted wax. You can also line your mould with cinnamon sticks and a good deal of melted wax before you pour the mould. Let it harden and then fill the rest of your mould with wax. This gives a very rustic look.
Try the same techniques using miniature candy canes for Christmas candles. The candle will have a nice subtle sweet mint aroma.

Try attaching dried blood orange slices, or whole spices to the outside of a finished candle using melted wax and a paintbrush, or clear drying craft glue such as Elmer's. To dry the fruit slices, put them in a 150 (65C) degree oven for several hours on a piece of parchment. You can also dip the dried fruit slices right into melted clear paraffin for a few seconds and then press them onto your candles. Don't burn your fingers, use tweezers to hold the fruit and a chop stick or tongue depressor to press the fruit onto your candle.