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Natural beeswax is golden in colour, stickier and has that lovely aroma. It comes in blocks, beads or  honeycomb sheets. Melt 3 parts paraffin wax and 1 part block beeswax for great container candles. I have also used this mixture for moulded candles with good success, although they don't come out of the mould as easily as straight paraffin wax candles. Experiment with your ratio of beeswax to paraffin. For candles where you tear away the mould (such as juice cans, milk cartons) you can use a high concentration of beeswax, and not worry about it releasing from the mould. Use beeswax sheets (no melting required) to roll up into candles.  Beeswax has a melt point of 62 C or 146 F.  This high melt point can make a pure beeswax container candle burn improperly.  The candle may burn a hole straight down the wick, leaving the majority of the wax unmelted around the sides of the container.  Try using  a blend of  low melt point (54 C or 125 F) paraffin mixed with your beeswax instead if you have this problem.

Check your area for apiaries. The bee keepers often sell natural beeswax, or even coloured and scented block and sheet beeswax.  Ask if they filter it (to remove honeycomb and other material).
I recommend checking country fairs and markets, or your area university's agricultural extension service for local apiaries you can call and enquire about beeswax. This will save you mailing expense for the heavy wax.  You can also buy unfiltered beeswax, melt it and pour it through nylon stockings stretched over another container to filter it yourself.  One supplier offered unfiltered beeswax for half the price of the filtered wax.

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